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NameDescriptionVersionApp CategoryFreeProviderProvider linkDocumentation link
Asterisk Sounds (EN)English Digium prompt voice2 telephonyYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
WebTIWeb-[T]elephony [I]ntegration Requires Asterisk-Core click2dial Firefox Plugin(not set)telephonyYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
Callback-Callthrough-DISADISA App, depends on Asterisk3 telephonyYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
Asterisk Sounds (DE)German prompt voice2 telephonyYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
DHCP-ServerDHCP-Server for beroNet VoIP Gateway.1 networkingYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
STUNSTUN client and Server1 networkingYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
SIP Proxysimple SIP Proxy1 telephonyYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
OpenVPNClient and Server for OpenVPN.1 networkingYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
NTP-Server by TK-ErtzFree NTP-Server for beroNet VoIP Gateway by TK-Ertz. Source can be downloaded here: More Info: 1 networkingYesberoNet(not set)(not set)
asterisk-coreSmall asterisk-app for the beroNet VoIP Gateway7 telephonyYesberoNet set)
OpenPBXGUI for asterisk berofix app15 telephonyNoberoNet
SBASimple Survival Branch Appliance - App Ideal for: * hosted PBX - local survivability * VPN to Branch - local rescue PBX very simple "mass configuration" through .csv files. 3 telephonyNoberoNethttp://www.beronet.com
zeroconfPBXEasy to set up PBX with a standard configuration.8 telephonyYesberoNet set)
directCallDeflectApp for direct call deflection without an extra SIP server (302) and without blocking 2 ISDN channels for forwarding1.1 telephonyYesberoNet set)
Permanent Loggingenables reboot surviving logging1 troubleshootingYesberoNet(not set)(not set)